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sipgate basic provides phone numbers for all UK area codes. Your free local phone number can be selected upon account registration.

sipgate has been managing, porting and providing phone numbers since 2004:

+ 6 Million

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≈ 650

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International area codes

≈ 100,000

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Select your free sipgate phone number!

sipgate basic always includes one free UK phone number from your preferred area code. You can pick your favourite from a selection of available numbers during the account setup.

Extend your account with extra number features

Your sipgate basic account can be extended in many different ways to make your life a little easier. We regularly add new features to the sipgate basic Feature Store.

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Keep your phone number!

Easily port your UK landline phone number over to your sipgate basic account.

  1. Contact our porting team to start the number porting process.

  2. We'll send your porting request to your current service provider.

  3. Your service provider lets us know the earliest porting date.

  4. We'll port your phone number over to your sipgate account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sipgate offer custom phone numbers?

One UK phone number is provided with your sipgate basic residential account.

Custom or vanity numbers are not offered with the sipgate basic service.

International phone numbers are available with our sipgate team business service. For full information, please click here.

Do I have access to Emergency Services by dialling 999 or 112?

To contact UK emergency services from your sipgate account, you must first enter and activate your emergency location in your online account Settings. Please be sure to submit your correct and valid UK address as foreign addresses are not accepted.

Otherwise, calls to UK Emergency Services will not be possible and could put you and your loved ones in jeopardy should an emergency occur.

Can I keep my existing telephone number and move it over to sipgate?

Yes, we offer number porting from the majority of UK carriers. Please contact our support and let us know the telephone number you would like to move and from which telephony provider.

Can I list my sipgate number in the local telephone book?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to publish your number for regulatory reasons.